Network Fusion: Information and Intelligence Sharing for a Networked World   [open html - 118KB]

"An innovative design for sharing information and intelligence is found in the form of network fusion, which encourages collaboration across multiple disciplines by leveraging technology to connect the unconnected at classified and unclassified levels. As terrorists move to new methods of attack, law enforcement and first responders must use comprehensive and timely information and intelligence to both anticipate potential threats and to ensure a high measure of adaptability in responses. This article defines network fusion along with other architectures for homeland security connectivity; explores the current information and intelligence sharing challenges; examines how network fusion can enhance fusion centers as well as assist emergency responders; and makes several recommendations for implementing network fusion. Network fusion provides an opportunity to bring many unique perspectives together for smarter, faster and cheaper intelligence sharing."

Author:Pfeifer, Joseph W.
Publisher:Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.). Center for Homeland Defense and Security
Copyright:2012 by the author(s). Posted here with permission. Documents are for personal use only and not for commercial profit. See document for full rights information.
Retrieved From:Homeland Security Affairs Journal: http://www.hsaj.org/
Media Type:text/html
Source:Homeland Security Affairs (October 2012), v.8, article 17
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