Research & Experimentation for Local & International Emergency First Responders (RELIEF) Quick Look Report: RELIEF 12-4, 13-17 August 2012   [open pdf - 6MB]

This Research & Experimentation for Local & International Emergency & First-Responders (RELIEF) "Quick Look Report" examines a number of experiments performed between November 2-4, 2011. Experiments reviewed in this report include: "Small UAV [unmanned aerial vehicle] Deployable Communications Relay"; "Deployable Interoperable Infrastructure"; "Deployable Airborne Cellular"; "Range Networks"; "Managing Large Scale Wifi Deployments in Disaster Zones"; "Mutualink"; "Portable Terminal with Exede Ka-Band Satellite Service"; "Tracker-enhanced GEOINT [geospatial intelligence] for Closed Loop Disaster Rescue Victim Targeting - Chaos Collaborative"; "Imagery Needs to Focus on Operational Risk Management (INFORM)"; "Cloud Based Solution for Situational Awareness and Analysis"; "Earthquake Emergency Response Exercise"; "EOC [Emergency Operations Center] in a Box"; "Sensor Island"; "Frontier FFT [Fast Fourier Transforms]"; "DART 20"; "Rapid, High Spatial Resolution Image Assessment of Post-Earthquake Damage"; "Direct Imagery Tasking and Dissemination"; "Accelerating Imagery Collection with Manned Aircraft"; "Open Source HA/DR [high availability disaster recovery] Software Security Evaluation"; "Humanitarian Emergency Response Operations (HERO) Virtual Logistics"; "Small Team Power in Support of Single Fuel Forward Initiative"; "Man Portable Flex Fuel Generator"; "Disaster Response Applications for Energy-Dense High-Power Li/CFx [lithium carbon monofluoride] Batteries"; "Mobile Renewable Water Source"; "Social Media Dashboard"; "Crowdsourcing Flood and Damage Polygons"; "Real-Time Streams for Criticality Analysis"; "Lightweight Compact Evacuation Litter"; "Medical Sensor Technology"; "First Responder m-Health and Digital Exam Kit Field Testing"; "Explosive Remnants of War Collection Points (ERW-CP)"; and "Infrastructure as a System".

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RELIEF 12-4; Research & Experimentation for Local & International Emergency & First-Responders 12-4
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Research & Experimentation for Local & International Emergency & First-Responders: http://www.nps.edu/Academics/Schools/GSOIS/Departments/IS/Research/FX/RELIEF/relief.html
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