H. Rept. 106-41: Providing for the Consideration of H.R. 707, the Disaster Mitigation and Cost Reduction Act of 1999, Report to Accompany H. Res. 91, March 3, 1999   [open pdf - 156KB]

"The resolution provides for the consideration of H.R. 707, 'The Disaster Mitigation and Cost Reduction Act of 1999,' under an open rule. The rule provides one hour of general debate divided equally between the chairman and ranking minority member of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. The rule waives clause 4(a) of Rule XIII (requiring a three-day layover of the committee report) against consideration of the bill. The waiver is necessary because the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee was not able to file its report until Wednesday, March 3, and the bill may be considered in the House on Thursday, March 4. The rule makes in order the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure amendment in the nature of a substitute as an original bill for the purpose of amendment, which shall be read by title."

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H. Rept. 106-41; House Report 106-41
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