Residential Security in Multi-Family Housing: Instructor's Guide   [open pdf - 11MB]

"The psychological need of the individual to 'feel' secure or free from fear for safety or insecurity is much more difficult to quantify. Nevertheless, it is just as important as the more quantifiable aspects of security to the success of a security program. Taken together, these elements encompass the 'two-track' approach to the development of a total security system. Track 'A' is concerned with deterring criminal victimization. Track 'B' is concerned with creating and maintaining a sense of safety through widespread community involvement in planning and implementing a security pr09ram. This workshop focuses on such a two-track approach to security systems. Module I of the workshop curriculum expands on traditional notions of security. Modules II and II I discuss Track 'A' and Track 'B' of a comprehensive security system in detail. Module IV explores the concepts behind the notion of 'defensible space' -the interrelationships between the layout of physical environment and security. Module V discusses 'Turf Reclamation,' an approach to security which is based on strengthening a neighborhood's sense of cohesion to enable community members to actively and effectively participate in a security program. Module VI suggests strategies managers can employ in planning and administering security programs. Taken together, these modules provide the skills and knowledge which housing managers need to effectively address security problems."

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