Perspectives on African Security Challenges: Cross Cutting Issues and Policy Implications: Summary of Capstone Project and Findings   [open pdf - 813KB]

"The announcement of U.S. Africa Command (USAFRICOM) in February 2007 kindled a flurry of discussion amongst Africa watchers in Washington and beyond. Debate largely centered on the implications of this announcement, the mission of the new Command, its location, and above all, how USAFRICOM actions would reconcile with those of other players in the region and whether the decision signified a militarization of U.S. policy in the region. The establishment of the Command was interesting for reasons beyond these debates, for it signaled important changes in how the U.S. Government (USG), particularly U.S. Department of Defense, perceived the importance of Africa to U.S. strategic interests. With this current debate and attention, in October 2008, the Advanced Systems and Concepts Office of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA--‐ASCO) initiated a two--‐phase project to assess the nature of security and insecurity in Africa. The first phase was a two--‐year analytic effort, led by Jennifer Perry of DTRA--‐ASCO, with support from Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), entitled 'African Security Challenges: Now and Over the Horizon.' This phase focused on mapping the terrain of a broad set of security challenges in Africa and to explore their dimensions through a set of workshops--six issue--‐focused small discussion groups, solicited discussion papers that defined and analyzed the major security challenges in Africa today, explored possibilities for what they might be over the horizon, and identified implications for the USG. Reports summarizing each workshop/discussion group are available, as well as a summary report of all of the research and analysis conducted in this phase. In the second phase, 'African Security Challenges: Now and Over the Horizon Capstone,' ASCO supported associate professor Jessica Piombo of the Naval Postgraduate School to oversee the production of a collection of essays that would delve more deeply into a set of issues that, in some cases, overlapped with the ones studied in the previous phase. This project brought together the works of several scholars and built on the findings of the workshops and discussion papers developed during phase one. Piombo commissioned a set of analytical essays that would consider eight under--‐studied security challenges that had far reaching implications for the state of the current and emerging African security environment." Note: This document has been added to the Homeland Security Digital Library in agreement with the Project on Advanced Systems and Concepts for Countering WMD (PASCC) as part of the PASCC collection. Permission to download and/or retrieve this resource has been obtained through PASCC.

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