Self-Care for Disaster Behavioral Health Responders [video]   [open html - 0B]

This presentation discusses self-care for disaster behavioral health (DBH) responders. From the original transcript: "We'll be talking about how the work that we do puts us at risk for unique experiences of stress and what those symptoms might look like for us. Then we'll address the personal, professional, and supervisory skills that we can develop to help mitigate the negative effects of our work stress. Our goals today are to define a disaster behavioral health responder audience, to define stressors specific to disaster behavioral health responders, including secondary traumatic stress, to provide best practices in self-care for DBH responders, to provide tools that can be used to promote self-care and assist in self-assessment, and to address the supports that can be provided by supervisors and management structures. We will be going over the goals as I have just done: definitions, the physiology of stress, risk factors of stress, symptoms of stress and secondary traumatic stress, self-care skills, personal, professional, and supervisory, self-assessment, and frequently asked questions." The duration of this video is 56 minutes and 47 seconds. Closed captioning and a follow-along transcript are both available during video play, and a complete transcript is available for review here in our library [https://www.hsdl.org/?abstract&did=723071].

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