Coffee Break Training: Understanding How Information is Organized -- Subject Searching   [open pdf - 181KB]

"Chances are you've undoubtedly used the yellow pages somewhere along the line. The key, of course, to finding what you're looking for in the yellow pages is knowing under what topic heading it's listed. And that's not always obvious. Say you're looking for paint for your car. Do you look under Paint -- Automobile? Paint -- Car? Well, actually, in my phone book it's found under Automobile -- Parts, Services, and Accessories. The benefit of grouping things under these categories is that once you've found the right term to look under, you can be assured that everything fitting your particular interest can be found there. Searching for things by subject in a database such as the Learning Resource Center (LRC) Online Catalog is really no different. Just as with the yellow pages, you may not always find your topic categorized by the term that seems most obvious to you. If, for example, you browse the LRC Online Catalog subject listing on the topic 'municipal fire protection' you'll find instead that you'll need to look under the term 'urban fire protection.'"

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Coffee Break Training - Info Search and Web 2.0 Series No. IS-2009-4
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