Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army [September-October 2012]   [open pdf - 6MB]

"'Military Review' is a refereed journal that provides a forum for original thought and debate on the art and science of land warfare and other issues of current interest to the U.S. Army and the Department of Defense. 'Military Review' also supports the education, training, doctrine development, and integration missions of the Combined Arms Center, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas." Articles featured in this issue include: "Just War Theory and Democratization by Force: Two Incompatible Agendas" by Cora Sol Goldstein; "In Search of the Good War: Just War and 'Realpolitik' in Our Time" by Thomas W. McShane; "Harnessing Initiative and Innovation: A Process for Mission Command" by Chip Daniels, Mark Huhtanen, and John Poole; "Customary Law and Its Challenges to Afghan Statehood" by Kathleen Reedy, and "What Comes Next? An Argument for Irregular War in National Defense" by Phil W. Reynolds, "An Asset Out of You and Me: Communicating What it Truly Means to be a Soldier" by Lawrence J. Morris; "Nothing is Simple in Afghanistan: The Principles of Sustainment and Logistics in Alexander's Shadow" by Anderw P. Betson; "Transnational Criminal Organizations: Mexico's Commercial Insurgency" by Christopher Martinez; "CGSC [U.S. Army Command and General Staff College]: Developing Leaders to Adapt and Dominate for the Army of Today and Tomorrow" by Gordon B. Davis, Jr., and James B. Martin; "Developing an Effective Command Philosophy" by Harry C. Garner; and "The Next Time We Reinvent Someone Else's Country..." by Michael W. Symanski.

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