Standing Joint Task Forces: Resourcing Relics   [open pdf - 603KB]

From the thesis abstract: "The Standing Joint Task Force [JTF] today serves as an enduring organization of the national security environment. Of the numerous Standing Joint Task Forces operational around the world, this paper examines two whose missions support defense of the homeland. The United States Northern Command subordinate Army component command, U.S. Army North supervises these organizations: JTF-North and JTF Civil Support. The primary purpose for writing about these two organizations is to understand their unique mission, evaluate the cost of their sustainment, and to present options that may improve their effectiveness and ensure they meet the challenges of the 21st Century. The methodology consists of analyzing the historical background behind the rise to the Standing Joint Task Force concept. This historical review provides context and supports the follow on discussion of the phenomenon behind these organizations' existence. The paper includes a case study comparison of JTF-North and JTF Civil Support, which shows the enduring cost to the U.S. Army to support these organizations. The evaluation of these two organizations highlights distinct advantages and disadvantages of current Department of Defense practices, and provides other options that may lower costs to the Army in the future while still addressing the nation's security needs. The standard answer to a national security challenge in the 1980s and 1990s was to create a Standing Joint Task Force. This monograph challenges America to reexamine the roles, functions, and missions of the current Standing Joint Task Forces and develop alternative solutions that decrease costs, increase effectiveness, and place responsibility upon the whole of government and not solely on the Department of Defense."

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