Investing in a Safer United States: What is Global Health Security and Why Does it Matter?   [open pdf - 0B]

"In response to the questions-why does the United states engage in global health,and what are the national interests of the Untied State in this area? - humanitarian and ethical considerations are often the lead rationales cited: the United States is a philanthropic nation committed to the values of easing the vulnerability and suffering of people from HIV/AIDS, malaria, polio, and a number of other diseases. Not far behind are the U.S. foreign policy and development states: U.S. investments in global health are a cost-effective 'soft power' tool that promotes economic growth and prosperity in poor communities and that generates important earned goodwill toward the United States by visibly saving and enhancing lies. No less important than these however, but often less acknowledged, is the U.S. interest in global health security: investing in the basics of quality public health systems, including effective and adequate laboratories, information systems, and human resources to conduct disease surveillance and epidemiological analyses, and effective response strategies that can protect Americans and persons around the world from both predictable and unforeseen emerging health threats that can quickly cross populations and borders."

2012 Center for Strategic and International Studies
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