Executive Order 13597: Improvements to Visa Processing and Foreign Visitor Processing 180-Day Progress Report   [open pdf - 1MB]

"Executive Order (EO) 13597 on travel and tourism, issued January 19, 2012, establishes as U.S. policy that 'a coordinated policy, consistent with protecting our national security, is needed to support a prosperous and secure travel and tourism industry in the United States.' It instructs U.S. government agencies to aggressively expand the nation's ability to attract and welcome visitors while maintaining the highest standards of security. The EO uses specific goals to focus the Departments of State (State) and Homeland Security (DHS) in developing and implementing a strategy of investments and innovations needed to attract foreign visitors to the United States. It supports a vision of hospitality and frictionless travel that avoids unnecessary inconveniences that might detract from visitors' experience in the country. Such a strategy ultimately encourages the visitor to return. This mid-year report accounts for the progress each Department has made towards meeting EO goals."

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