Cuba After Castro: What Military Forces Will be Necessary to Execute U.S. Policy?   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the thesis abstract: "This thesis analyzes the current situation and scenarios for future events in Cuba. It looks at current U.S. diplomatic and economic policies and their effects on future developments within Cuba. The thesis investigates possible U.S. objectives in Cuba, after the current regime departs, and derives possible U.S Armed Forces missions to support U.S. objectives. Finally, it proposes potential U.S. forces' composition and organization to execute U.S. policy. The thesis concludes that there are two possible scenarios for U.S. Armed Forces involvement in Cuba. One is an 'intrusive humanitarian relief and nation assistance operation,' and the other a permissive involvement based on an arrangement or agreement with a Cuban Transitional Unity Government or faction involvement in a Cuban civil war. To truly be successful in Cuba any intervention must be combined, interagency, and joint. In both scenarios a combination of Special Operations Forces and Conventional Forces under a Joint Task Force including civil agencies for interagency and intergovernmental coordination should be deployed."

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