US-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue: A Track-Two Dialogue for Long-Term Security Cooperation, Fifth Iteration   [open pdf - 3MB]

"Pakistan continues to exist in a regional security conundrum. The numerous events that have transpired over the course of this past year have only deepened the significance of three main concerns during the 2009 dialogue: intensity of terrorist incidents within Pakistani borders; the perilous situation in Afghanistan; and the implications of expanding US-India strategic partnership. All three areas have continued down an untenable path as far as Pakistan is concerned, which led to focused attention on the following core themes in this year's dialogue: the Asian power balance and strategic stability in the years ahead; mutual threat perceptions and regional strategic stability; military modernization and imbalances; and the deterrence construct between India and Pakistan. Additionally, participants from both the US and Pakistan expressed concern over the long-term outcomes of NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization] actions in Afghanistan, to include the potential drawdown of US forces. These factors, coupled with the catastrophic floods that have displaced more than 25 million people (a number comparable to the population of California), have only exacerbated the political and economic pressures placed upon the Pakistani government and military, while simultaneously adding fuel to the extremist narrative." Note: This document has been added to the Homeland Security Digital Library in agreement with the Project on Advanced Systems and Concepts for Countering WMD (PASCC) as part of the PASCC collection. Permission to download and/or retrieve this resource has been obtained through PASCC.

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Advanced Systems and Concepts Office Report Number, ASCO 2010 039
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US-Pakistan Strategic Partnership: A Track-Two Dialogue for Long-Term Security Cooperation. Workshop. Singapore. October 7-8, 2010
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