Crisis of Trust and Cultural Incompatibility: A Red Team Study of Mutual Perceptions of Afghan National Security Force Personnel and U.S. Soldiers in Understanding and Mitigating the Phenomena of ANSF-Committed Fratricide-Murders   [open pdf - 4MB]

"Since May, 2007 there have been at least 26 murder/attempted murder incidents by ANSF [Afghan National Security Forces] or ASG [Afghan Security Guard] members against ISAF/UNAMA [International Security Assistance Force/United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan] members, resulting in the killings of at least 58 Western personnel Most of these incidents have occurred since Oct. 2009, representing 6% of all hostile deaths by ISAF during this period. Such fratricide-murder incidents are no longer isolated; they reflect a growing systemic threat. They are also provoking a crisis of confidence and trust among Westerners training and working with ANSFs. Rather than just a result of insurgent infiltration into ANSF, indicators exist that many of these fratricide incidents resulted from personal clashes. Therefore, a field study was undertaken to assess ANSF members' and US. Soldiers' perceptions of each other; specifically, to identify those behaviors that upset them or cause anger. Sixty-eight focus groups were conducted on 613 ANSF personnel throughout three provinces at 19 locations. Their reported negative views, experiences and observations of US. Soldiers' social behaviors were recorded. ANSF members identified numerous social, cultural and operational grievances they have with US. Soldiers. Factors that created animosity were reviewed through a content analysis that measured frequency and intensity of the perceived grievances."

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