Fighting Proliferation: New Tools for New Challenges   [open pdf - 791KB]

This issue is from the March 2010 issue of WMD Insights, a publication sponsored by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency "intended to provide timely and noteworthy unclassified information on international attitudes towards weapons of mass destruction and efforts to curb their proliferation." From the article: "New nonproliferation tools are beginning to emerge independent of international treaties and national regulations. These new tools are conceived, crafted, and implemented solely by the private sector, a distinct change from achieving national security through such traditional means such military and intelligence capabilities, diplomacy, economic strength, and threat reduction treaties crafted by nation-states. In contrast to the tangled web of national review boards, professional societies, government bureaucracies, and years of review and negotiation often involved in creating regulations and treaties, self-governance tools of the kind beginning to come from the private sector can be launched with comparative alacrity. The concept of self-governance within the private sector and the scientific community, of course, is not new. With varying degrees of success, in advance of regulatory requirements industries and professional associations have acted to address societal concerns about a certain product or to police the conduct of practitioners of select disciplines. The life sciences communities are currently coming to grips with how they would respond to a major challenge associated with the deliberate misuse of life sciences know-how, technology, materials, or equipment. In the nonproliferation arena, the pioneering examples of self-governance tools are aimed at preventing the abuse of dual-use life sciences capabilities." Note: This document has been added to the Homeland Security Digital Library in agreement with the Project on Advanced Systems and Concepts for Countering WMD (PASCC) as part of the PASCC collection. Permission to download and/or retrieve this resource has been obtained through PASCC.

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WMD Insights (March 2010), no.32, p.23-31
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