CANUSPLAIN: Annex II: A Joint Plan For Response to Spills of Hazardous Materials Along the Shared Inland Border Between Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba and Minnesota, Montana and North Dakota   [open pdf - 196KB]

Alternate Title: Regional Annex for the Canada/United States Joint Inland Pollution Contingency Plan

The CANUSPLAIN Regional Annex has been developed pursuant to the Canada-United States Joint Inland Pollution Contingency Plan (the Inland Plan), a cooperative mechanism between the United States and Canada for preparedness and response to spills and releases of oil and hazardous substances, which was signed on July 25, 1994 by the Minister of the Department of Environment for Canada and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency for the United States of America. The implementation and maintenance of the Plan is a joint responsibility of both agencies. The purpose of the CANUSPLAIN Regional Annex is to assist federal, state/provincial, Tribal/Aboriginal and local responders to mitigate the effects of on human health and safety, property and the environment by providing for an integrated response to environmental emergency incidents along the shared inland border between Canada and the United States. The Annex outlines the procedures which would be used to initiate a federal government response on either side of the border in order to facilitate an effective joint response. The Annex outlines jurisdiction, notification and response procedures for both federal governments.

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