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This Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) webpages provides information on the Strategic Foresight Initiative (SFI). "The world is changing in ways that can have major effects on the emergency management community. Thinking more broadly and over a longer timeframe will help us understand these changes and their potential impacts. FEMA launched the Strategic Foresight initiative (SFI) to promote broader and longer term thinking on those changes and their effects. FEMA is only one member of the broad emergency management community. Therefore, the SFI engages all levels of government, non-profits, businesses and individuals. The diverse group improves our understanding of various issues. The SFI also serves as a tool to develop strategies and plans. By understanding the potential future environment, organizations will better understand and anticipate risk and take advantage of opportunities. For example, the SFI may identify new requirements and emerging capabilities. This could support decisions about investments, planning efforts, and exercises. The SFI can also help establish a research agenda for the field of emergency management."

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