Defining Islamic Way of Warfare and Its Comparison With Al Qaeda Doctrine   [open pdf - 414KB]

From the thesis abstract: "With the rise of Al Qaeda and like-minded militant groups, there have been many discussions and misrepresentations of the term Islamic way of warfare. It is important to understand that anything, to be qualified as Islamic, has to have a reference from the core sources of Islam, i.e. the Quran, and the practices and sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This research is focused to define an Islamic way of warfare based on these fundamental sources, with a view to identifying whether Al Qaeda is truly Islamic or not. This thesis identifies that Islam does not dictate minor tactical matters of warfare, rather focuses its guidance on warfare in two broad categories: the just cause for waging war, and limited restrictions on conduct during the war. Using this two part test of 'Cause' and 'Conduct,' the thesis shows that though Al Qaeda deem to have an authentic Islamic cause to wage war against USA and Western countries, because of its violation of guidelines in conduct, it ceases to qualify as Islamic. The research finally provides recommendations on how United States and Western countries can engage militant groups and the Muslim world more effectively."

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