Enhancing Security: Projecting Civil Authority Into America's Uncontrolled Spaces   [open pdf - 381KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Actions taken or not taken by law enforcement agencies, in 'Ungoverned Spaces' reduce US ability to forestall hostile actions on US soil. The current organizational limitations of US civil authorities' poses a problem to accomplishing the goals of our National Security Strategy to 'Prevent attacks on the Homeland' and 'Enhancing security at Home.' To that end, this thesis examines areas of the United States that function as 'Ungoverned Spaces' and possible strategies to maximize Interagency and interoperable government control through joint operations between civil authorities and Department of Defense forces. Finally, the author analyzed the gaps in the ability of law enforcement to project civil authority and the historical short falls of civil law enforcement in past events. The recommendations suggest; the creation of a full time paramilitary police force trained, and maintained in sufficient size and strength to police our nations ungoverned spaces, established as a full time National Guard unit. Satisfying the author's recommendations on the use of the National Guard as a paramilitary police force, he examines historical and current legal precedent for the legal deployment of National Guard troops under Title 32 as a law enforcement entity."

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