Lessons in Community Recovery: Seven Years of Emergency Support Function #14 Long-Term Community Recovery from 2004-2011   [open pdf - 6MB]

"This report, 'Lessons in Supporting Community Recovery,' draws on the experiences of Emergency Support Function #14 Long-Term Community Recovery (ESF #14 LTCR) to give examples and practical lessons for all audiences seeking to better prepare for disasters and to implement a 'Whole Community'* disaster recovery process. Public, private and nonprofit entities will find useful lessons that can be material they can apply as our country implements the National Disaster Recovery Framework. This report also documents the progression of ESF #14 LTCR support to communities over the past seven years, noting the elements of successful recovery, challenges encountered and lessons learned. [...] ESF #14 LTCR has worked with more than 180 communities across 23 states, two Indian tribal governments and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico since it officially became an Emergency Support Function in late 2004. Approximately 60 teams, totaling more than 600 subject matter experts, supported tribal, state and community recovery efforts. As a result, some 90 community recovery plans, strategies or documents were produced, 18 local community recovery organizations were formed, and assistance was provided to 11 states to organize for recovery. The report is organized into three sections: 'Part 1: Achieving Disaster Recovery', 'Part 2: Recovery in Action', and 'Part 3: Lessons for the Future'."

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