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"The Building Blocks tool is a knowledge resource where we are sharing lessons learned and best practices from the office of the PM-ISE [Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment] as well as from our mission partners. We have developed Building Blocks around five foundational Blocks of success: Governance, Budget & Performance, Acquisition, Standards & Interoperability, and Communications & Partnerships. The Blocks are organized by major topic areas and then divided into the questions we ask when building information sharing. They also showcase our mission partners' success stories as real-world examples to help users understand how this works. The information in the Blocks includes: 1) Governance: This Building Block explains the need for governance and decision-making bodies, help define the structure of a governance body, and demonstrate how you can establish key processes within a governance body. 2) Budget & Performance: This Block describes the initial steps to budget planning, and outlines how to effectively impact budget and how to develop performance measures in order to measure success. 3) Acquisition: This Block links to relevant resources for developing an acquisition plan and incorporating standards in acquisition. It also directs users to grant opportunities for information sharing and safeguarding initiatives. 4) Standards & Interoperability: This Block explains the utility and requirements of the ISE Enterprise Architecture and Identity and Access Management Frameworks, outlines key steps of building interoperability, and links to top standards resources and Standards Development Organizations. 5) Communications & Partnerships: This block outlines the steps required to foster engagement with partners, provides links to helpful tools and resources for engaging stakeholders, and details many important information sharing partners."

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