Training and Technical Assistance [December 19, 2000]   [open pdf - 8KB]

"On September 25, 2000, OSLDPS [Office for State and Local Domestic Preparedness Support] sent out an information bulletin requesting that each State Administrative Agency appoint an individual as the contact person responsible for the training aspect of your state-wide domestic preparedness plan, and the delivery of OSLDPS training programs in your state. If you have not responded to our first request please use the attached form to convey this information to OSLDPS. As you know, it is the State Administrative Agency's responsibility to plan and execute a comprehensive threat and needs assessment, and develop a three-year plan to enhance the state's overall emergency response capabilities to terrorist events. OSLDPS will allocate its training, equipment, technical assistance, and exercise resources in accordance with the state's three year strategy. In order to better facilitate the delivery of these programs to the jurisdictions in your state OSLDPS will designate a staff member to work directly with your agency to implement your state strategy. OSLDPS expects to implement it's [sic] training programs, based on the submission and review of the state strategies, beginning in Fiscal Year (FY) 2002."

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OSLDPS Information Bulletin No. 00-025; Office for State and Local Domestic Preparedness Support Information Bulletin No. 00-025
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