Addressing Future Needs Through Professional Development of Fire Officers in the Endicott and Johnson City, NY, Fire Departments   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The problem was that the Endicott and Johnson City fire departments have no formal fire officer development programs which have significant impact on leadership, administrative and operational functions that are critical to the successful operation of both departments. The purpose of this research project was to identify a definitive plan that would increase the effectiveness of fire officers in respect to fire department leadership, administrative and operational duties. Descriptive research was utilized to review fire and business entities that developed successful professional development models, critical components of professional development as well as the dynamic forces of fire department culture on instituting such change. These research questions were answered: (a) What standards do organizations of similar size and makeup utilize in the professional development of their fire officers? (b) What specific areas of professional development could benefit the fire officers in both organizations? (c) What, if any, are the barriers to the development and implementation of an officer development program? (d) What effect, if any, does fire department culture have on the development and successful implementation of an officer development program?"

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