Evaluating the Feasibility of Implementing a Child Safety Seat Installation Program Within the Chesterfield-Union Township Fire Department   [open pdf - 212KB]

"Each year improperly or unrestrained juveniles are killed in motor vehicle collisions. Had they been properly restrained, their chances of survival would have greatly increased. The problem is that poor and inconsistent child seat usage within the Chesterfield-Union Township Fire Department's response district leads to an increased potential for juvenile injuries or deaths from motor vehicle collisions. The purpose of the research was to identify areas in which the Chesterfield-Union Township Fire Department could improve the safety of juveniles in motor vehicles and to evaluate the feasibility of a community car seat installation program. Using the descriptive research method the following questions were asked: (1) What does national data show regarding juvenile injuries due to improper child seat usage; (2) What have other departments done to reduce the number of juvenile injuries due to motor vehicle collisions; (3) What agencies, if any, in Madison County provide child seat installation, and what qualifications do they have; (4) Using the data collected from citizens, what is the community's attitude toward using the assistance of a child seat installation program; and (5) What obstacles could possibly affect the successful implementation of a child seat installation program by the Chesterfield-Union Township Fire Department?"

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