Administrative Roles in the Longview Fire Department in a Recessed Economy   [open pdf - 237KB]

"This applied research project explored the elements and the critical needs of an effective administration in an organization. The problem was that the City of Longview had eliminated a key administrative/operations chief officer position. The plan to eliminate the administrative/operations chief officer position does not account for the duties assigned to the position. The purpose of this applied research project was to describe the effect that incompletion of currently assigned administrative duties has on the Longview Fire Department. A descriptive research methodology was used to answer the following questions: (a) What administrative duties are assigned to chief officers; (b) Of the assigned administrative duties, what is the hierarchical priority for completion of those duties; (c) What effect does the lack of completion of these duties have on the organization; and (d) What are the essential priorities of administrative tasks in organizational theory? Procedures used for this project included interviewing the Longview City Manager and Fire Chief. A questionnaire was developed and distributed to department chief officers and review of published works centered on leadership and attributes/elements of effective management were examined. This project revealed that the administrative function of the Longview Fire Department is staffed minimally but with some adjustments, the critical elements could be addressed and an effective organization could be restored."

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