Community Risk Assessment - City of Largo, Florida   [open pdf - 160KB]

"Largo Fire Rescue was in the process of updating the emergency operations plan for the City of Largo. It was realized during this process that a comprehensive risk assessment for the community had not been performed for an extended period of time. The problem identified is Largo Fire Recue currently does not have a community risk assessment policy. The purpose of this applied research project was to identify the components needed for a community risk assessment policy for Largo Fire Rescue. Three research questions were developed to address this issue: (a) What are the fundamental components of a community risk assessment policy? (b) What is the frequency that a community risk assessment should be performed? and (c) How should hazards within the Largo community be categorized and prioritized in a community risk assessment policy? The descriptive research method was used to identify the standards that will be used to provide guidance and structure to a periodic community-wide risk assessment plan. Research procedures included a thorough review of established standards common to risk assessment plans. Interviews were conducted to garner expert input on criteria needed for a community risk assessment policy. Results of said research did not identify commonalities among risk assessment processes, but offered a variety of criteria to evaluate. Recommendations included the establishment of a community risk assessment policy with defined assessment criteria, a five-year evaluation cycle and a value based point system for hazard identification."

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