Show Low Fire Department Honor Guard Survival: A Business Plan for Honor Guard Survival in an Economic Recession   [open pdf - 0B]

"Since the beginning of the current economic recession, States, counties, cities and other political subdivisions have experienced significant decreases in budget funds. The Show Low Fire District is no exception. How will the Show Low Fire Department Honor Guard survive? The problem is the Show Low Fire Department (SLFD) Honor Guard is a stress on the SLFD budget. How will the SLFD Honor Guard survive the current and future economic recessions? Fire Departments nationwide are experiencing budget reductions that require cuts in fire department programs and services. What fire department programs or services are most important? The purpose of this research is to determine what fire department programs the public, Fire Chiefs and line firefighters perceive as most important. This project will also explore what fire departments, individuals and businesses have done to preserve valuable programs that may be considered a low priority. Using the Action Research method, Firefighters, Fire Chiefs and the general public were surveyed; interviews with Firefighters and Chief Officers were conducted. Books, other publications and the internet were researched to establish where Fire Chiefs, fire department line personnel and the general public ranked Honor Guard activities as compared to other operational activities, and is this service worth keeping. The information gathered was used to develop a business plan for Fire Department Honor Guard survival, which is appendix E of this project. In order to survive, Honor Guards and other low priority but necessary fire department services must find the right people, develop non-fire department revenue streams, partner with the public and build themselves into 'non-profit like' organizations."

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