Fire Deaths Among Older Adults: A Study of San Antonio Life Loss and the San Antonio Fire Department's Fire and Life Safety Public Education Programs   [open pdf - 6MB]

"An analysis of recent fatal fires occurring within the City of San Antonio indicated that one area of the city may have suffered disproportionately higher numbers of fire fatalities than other areas of the city. Prior to this research, limited analysis had been conducted to compare and evaluate which areas of the city were experiencing residential fire fatalities and what populations in the community might be at highest risk of suffering a fatal injury from fire. The purpose of the research is to identify the demographics of the population being impacted; determine the leading causes of the fires; create a targeted public education program aimed at reducing the number of fatality fires; and educate the community in general, fire safety practices. Examination of the following research questions was conducted: (1) What are the demographics of the population being affected; (2) What are the three leading causes of fatality fires in the San Antonio area; (3) What variances exist between the area impacted and other areas of the city; (4) What types of public fire education programs are available and currently exist in the city; (5) What current methods are used to deliver the public fire education programs to the community; (6) Are the existing public education programs and delivery methods adequate or do they need to be adjusted to the target audience; and (7) What other community action groups can assist in the education of the target audience?"

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