Why has Mongolia Chosen to Participate in Peace Support Operations? An Analysis of Current Trends and Future Opportunities   [open pdf - 351KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Since 2002, Mongolia's commitment to international peace-support operations has dramatically increased and broadened the country's bilateral and multilateral military engagement throughout the world. By participating in UN peacekeeping and other peace-support operations, Mongolia and its military have gained tremendous experience, learned valuable lessons, and identified challenges in several critical areas that needed improvement. This thesis argues that Mongolia's commitment to international peace-support operations is based on its national interest of survival between two great powers. Additionally, that commitment to peace-support operations strengthens Mongolia's position in the world arena and increases its prestige, gaining it international recognition from other countries, international organizations, and international security institutions. Moreover, active involvement in peace-support operations creates favorable conditions for an independent foreign and defense policy and accelerates military modernization. Mongolia's participation in peace-support operations influenced the acceleration towards modernization and transformation of its military; helping to identify the vulnerabilities in old military planning, training, equipment, and acquisition processes that desperately required changes. The existing literature on Mongolia's participation in international peace-support operations is very limited. Therefore, this study will contribute a deeper and more detailed analysis and assessment of Mongolia's commitment to international peace-support operations for scholars."

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