Lebanon's National Security Challenges and the Terrorism Phenomenon   [open pdf - 281KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Lebanon is situated in a very sensitive region of the Middle East. It borders Syria and Israel. Lebanon is a functioning democracy and a confessional state that in its modern history has suffered from foreign military interventions and occupations, and from the effects of a disastrous Civil War that lasted fifteen years. Lebanon faces a number of external and domestic national security challenges that threaten both its national sovereignty and its continuous existence as a unified and democratic nation-state. These national security challenges are becoming increasingly complicated because of the phenomenon of terrorism. This Strategy Research Project analyzes some of the most important challenges to Lebanon's national security both in a historical context and in view of the terrorism phenomenon. This research establishes that Lebanon and the neighboring region are in need of large and long-term socioeconomic initiatives that can address the underlying conditions that give rise to the phenomenon of terrorism. Lebanon also needs adequate levels of military assistance for its legitimate self-defense concerns."

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