National Guard Enhanced Brigades: The Past, the Present, and the Future   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the thesis abstract: "The National Guard Enhanced Brigades are a result of the Bottom-Up Review and are to represent the greater share of rapid deployable combat forces found in the Army National Guard. A special task force, comprised of all components of the U.S. Army was tasked with designing the Enhanced Brigades. The mission of the Enhanced Brigades is to support our active combat force and provide the strategic hedge against an adverse conflict; especially to be able to fight and win two major regional conflicts nearly simultaneously. The Enhanced Brigade concept is new and therefore the strategy used to build them, train them and deploy them has been created exclusively for their purpose. That training strategy is guided on several key factors, most of which are centered on readiness, ensuring that the brigades will be ready to deploy within 90 days of post-mobilization training. This report depicts the history of the Enhanced Brigades, analyzes their structure, mission and enhancements and then discusses future decisions and concerns which need to be addressed before the Enhanced Brigades can successfully accomplish the mission. The Enhanced Brigades are a critical piece in our nations National Military Strategy and decisions affecting their future are no less critical."

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