Risk and Reward of an Operational Marine Corps Reserve   [open pdf - 563KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Send in the Marines. For over two hundred and thirty-five years America's strategic leaders have called upon the Nation's expeditionary force-in-readiness to protect and defend our interests whether home or abroad. The Corps is an air, ground, and logistics total force enterprise that provides the United States a capability rivaled by no other organization in the world. The Marine Corps' total force structure is comprised of an active component (AC) and a reserve component (RC). Over the past decade, the RC of the Marine Corps has been employed as an operational reserve although it is primarily organized, trained and equipped as a strategic reserve. As the Global War on Terror progresses, strategic leaders within the RC and AC must conduct an analysis of the Marine Corps' total force framework to address RC gaps in doctrine, organization, leadership and education. The analysis will further enable the RC to become an effective and efficient contributor to the middleweight of America's Armed Services; light enough to get to the fight quickly and heavy enough to carry the day upon arrival. This SRP [Strategy Research Project] will discuss the Marine Corps RC posture through a wide angle lens and briefly address a few of the risks and rewards of the strategic structure transitioning to an operational asset."

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