Development and Use of a Light Duty Program for the Chelmsford Fire Department   [open pdf - 205KB]

"The establishment of a light duty program as a fire department policy has become an increasingly appealing policy option for the Chelmsford Fire Department. Currently, Massachusetts is one of two states; the other being Rhode Island, that assigns firefighters, who are injured on duty, to Chapter 41, Section 111F status granting injured on the job firefighters 100% of their pay tax free. Recent injuries have had a significant impact on the department's operating budget and staffing and have brought about an opportunity to consider some adaptive changes. The problem that prompted this research project is that the Chelmsford Fire Department does not currently have a way to utilize personnel who are not fit for full duty. The purpose of this research project is to identify the feasibility of adopting a light duty policy to appropriately utilize personnel who are not able to perform at full duty. In addition, this research will allow the author to formulate a standard operating procedure for a light duty status as well as duty tasks that are designed to meet the specific needs of the injured firefighter. The method applied in conducting this research was the action method. Action research was utilized to answer the following questions: (a) What is the impact of injuries on the Chelmsford Fire Department; (b) What do other fire departments light duty policies consist of; (c) What laws and issues impact the implementation of a light duty program; and (d) How can a light duty program be implemented within the Chelmsford Fire Department? Research of published material was conducted by the author."

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