National Guard on the Southwest Border: Defining the Role   [open pdf - 536KB]

From the thesis abstract: "The National Guard's role in the War on Terror continues to decrease with the troop draw down in Iraq and Afghanistan, while multiple threats on the Southwest border continue to increase. Americans are expressing growing concerns over organized crime and international terrorism and the government's ability to secure the Southwest border in the face of those threats are in question. It is time for the United States to examine the National Guard's role and mission in relation to defending the homeland. In a time of significant budget cuts and downsizing of all government organizations, the use of the National Guard to permanently augment the Department of Homeland Security is a viable option. The National Guard can contribute additional capabilities and capacities in equipment and manpower to augment the Border Patrol and help fill gaps in border security. The gains made by the National Guard since 911 are exponential and a reversal to the pre 911 eras of strategic reserve status will make the National Guard less relevant. It is time to define the role and mission of the National Guard on the Southwest border."

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