Splicing the Reserve Component Stovepipe - Joint Reserve Command   [open pdf - 0B]

From the thesis abstract: "Reliance upon the Reserve Components (RC) is greater now than at any time since the Second World War. RC assets serve as key force providers meeting both expeditionary and domestic mission needs as part of the operational force prosecuting the Global War on Terror (GWOT). Less recognized is the increasing role the RC forces play in meeting strategic or operational requirements where authorized Service force structure is not available, becoming Joint forces to meet joint needs. Such uses include meeting in-lieu-of mission requirements, augmenting depleted operational or strategic assets, and providing for requirements not previously anticipated. Over 8,000 individual Reservists from across the services were mobilized and deployed to meet critical joint needs during Fiscal Year 2007 (FY-07) alone. Using RC assets in this way presents leadership and organizational challenges not reflected in the traditional "stovepipe" relationships between the Services and their respective reserve components. This essay argues that meeting current Joint needs for development of policy and doctrine for the mobilization, training and deployment of RC forces to meet Joint requirements can be best met by development of a 'joint reserve command' to get the best benefits of the unique war-fighting capabilities /enablers found (established) within the service RCs."

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