Viva China...A Tiger by the Tail   [open pdf - 283KB]

From the thesis abstract: "The history of the Americas community; North, Central, and South, is a contradiction of the stated desire for a mutually beneficial relationship, but a reality that has seen exploitation, insensitivity, and injustice. Today relations between the U.S. and Latin American are arguably at a low ebb. Preoccupied with the Global War on Terror, little attention has been paid to our southern neighbors. This attention vacuum is being filled by other interested parties with their own political and economic agendas. A current major player in Latin America is China whose influence is growing economically and politically as they continue to expand trade agreements and political ties throughout the region. China brings economic incentives to the table without the demands for a democratic form of government, human rights guarantees, or involvement with private corporations bent on making a quick profit. But is this good for the U.S., and as importantly, is it a good thing for the governments and people of Latin America? There is a disparity of opinions on the motivations, implications, and consequences of China's growing influence in Latin America, but the reality is they are here and their influence, both hard and soft, is growing."

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