Red Scourge Returns: The Strategic Challenge of Maoist Insurgency in India and South Asia   [open pdf - 448KB]

From the thesis abstract: "With the US and other powers focused on the struggle against Islamic terrorism and insurgency, the effects of globalization have swelled the ranks of Maoist insurgents in India and the South Asia. The response of some marginalized peoples in these countries, having been abandoned by their national socio-economic and political systems, is to look to the alternative system provided by Maoist insurgents who are creating a counter-state to address societal grievances. A 'Red Corridor' now exists in South Asia from Nepal to Sri Lanka and creation of base areas in India is running unchecked. A network of Maoist parties are mobilizing in South Asia and growing rapidly. India is hard pressed to combat this imminent threat and groping blindly for solutions. The Maoists intend to attack India's high tech and export sectors thwarting foreign investment and threatening to bring India's economic and political progress to a halt. The burgeoning US-Indian economic and strategic relationship is threatened by India's Maoist menace. The US is ill-equipped to deal with Maoist insurgency as insurgency studies and counterinsurgency strategies have focused on insurgent approaches from Iraq and Afghanistan. They have largely discounted the Maoist strategic approach as irrelevant and dated yet it is rampaging unchecked in South Asia. This paper demonstrates the looming transnational threat posed to the states of South Asia by Maoist insurgency and provides recommendations to stem its rapid spread."

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