Tao of War: Balance in the National Military Strategy   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the thesis abstract: "Esoteric wisdom is not restricted to tradition and religion. Modem subnuclear physics, organizational systems theories and even teachings in 'critical thinking' lead to the same truth: cooperation forms the very foundation of life. This document illustrates how individuals and nations can be guided by esoteric wisdom. The depicted trends for the future support the expressed idealistic views. The reality of perpetually conflicting interests between people and nations is not denied, however. Idealism and realism should be balanced, although the current military documents emphasize warfighting. The concept of Preventive Defense should be more explicitly expressed in the U.S. National Military Strategy, the military doctrine and the Joint Vision 2010. The armed forces need to be able to fight the nation's wars, if necessary and preferably in coalition with other nations. However, the structure, concepts, leadership and training of the forces should show the flexibility to accept a more diplomatic role of the military, that can prevent the need for use of other military power. To preserve the peace, one should not only prepare for war, but foremost invest in alliances and mutual understanding."

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