Fact Sheet: The United States and Brazil: Education, Science, Technology, Innovation, Space, and Education Cooperation, March 19, 2011   [open pdf - 153KB]

From the March 19, 2011 White House fact sheet: "The United States and Brazil share a deep commitment to an expanding science and technology partnership, building upon the Science and Technology Framework Agreement the two countries signed on February 6, 1984. Under this Framework Agreement, the United States and Brazil alternately host Joint Commission Meetings on Scientific and Technology Cooperation that provide a productive forum for government agencies to develop and strengthen cooperation with counterparts across a broad spectrum of issues. The last Joint Commission Meeting took place in Washington, D.C., in 2009, with an unprecedented level of participation from a variety of technical agencies on both sides. Cooperative research in science and technology between the United States and Brazil has grown significantly, and is particularly advanced in the areas of agriculture research, biomedical research, and biofuels. The U.S.-Brazil Fulbright Commission, a joint partnership to promote higher education exchanges between the United States and Brazil, dates back to 1957, and has awarded grants enabling 3,000 Brazilians to participate in educational programs in the United States and 2,500 Americans to participate in educational programs in Brazil. The Fulbright program, which includes public-private partnerships, is increasingly focused on promoting research and study in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics."

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