Managing Water for Drought   [open pdf - 1017KB]

"This guidebook was produced as part of the National Study of Water Management During Drought, which was managed by the Institute for Water Resources (IWR) of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The guidebook is based on the experiences, research, and critical analysis of the over one hundred professionals who worked directly on the National Drought Study, and the many others who criticized and improved the case studies in which these methods were tested. […] This report summarizes the method of Many components of the DPS approach are improving water management during drought time-proven methods and ideas derived from developed during the four year National federal water planning experience and Study of Water Management During research, modified to reflect the importance Drought. The method was tested and refined of non-federal, non-structural responses to in four field studies in different parts of the droughts. The most visible innovation of country, in which teams of water managers the National Drought Study is the use of and users worked together to reduce drought stakeholders collaboratively built 'shared impacts. In each case, the situations are vision (computer) models' of their water complex, involving many different uses of management environments. The DPS water. Because such important state and method also encourages the use of alternative local responsibilities are involved, only a dispute resolution techniques and new joint cooperative approach between state and statistical methods that can provide additional federal agencies could provide satisfactory information on the expected severity and answers. These cooperative field studies were frequency of droughts. What is most called 'Drought Preparedness Studies' (DPS) significant is that all of this has been and the approach, the 'DPS method.'"

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Institute for Water Resources Report 94-NDS-8; IWR Report 94-NDS-8
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Institute for Water Resources: http://www.iwr.usace.army.mil/
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