Narcoterrorism - A Threat to the United States?   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the thesis abstract: "Today, we see the demise of communism, the hope for a 'new world order,' and the realization of peace in the world. A dark cloud pervades this state of euphoria. It is the result of the War On Drugs. The purpose of this paper is to show that narcoterrorism is a threat to the United States. Colombia is used as a focal point for the study due the significant role it plays in the American drug war. The paper considers the supply and demand side of the drug problem. It looks at the relationship between terrorism and insurgency. The paper defines narcoterrorism to be the use of terror by narcotraffickers to coerce or intimidate a sovereign government to obtain an objective or end result. It examines the interests of the U.S. at stake in the drug war as well as those Colombian interests that the drug war threatens. A part of this examination is to determine which are a vital interest to us and which are threatened."

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