FORCEnet: A Functional Concept for the 21st Century   [open pdf - 417KB]

"This paper describes a concept for naval command and control for joint operations and supporting activities in 2015-2020. The intent is to establish a common direction for the diverse efforts that contribute to building naval command and control capabilities in the future, and more broadly, to provide a common framework for thinking about future command and control. The ultimate objective is to support the development of desired FORCEnet capabilities. This concept represents an early step in the capabilities development process. Many additional steps will be required to realize the envisioned capabilities. Informed by higher-level guidance, this concept provides direction for subsequent functional analyses, architectural design, force development recommendations, and implementation decisions such as those related to budgeting, acquisition and experimentation. This concept provides broad guidance in the form of a vision of future command and control. It prescribes no specific developmental solutions or processes because maturing FORCEnet capabilities will require significant judgment and creativity by all those involved in force planning. The intention is that FORCEnet capabilities be fully realized by 2015-2020; individual capabilities will begin to appear before then. To reach this objective, all elements of force development--doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leader development, personnel and facilities--must begin moving toward that goal today. This paper identifies an initial set of capabilities required to implement this concept, and these provide a basis for developmental decisions."

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