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"The Center for Public Safety Initiatives is a unique collaboration between the City of Rochester, the criminal justice agencies of Greater Rochester including the Rochester Police Department and Rochester Institute of Technology. Its purpose is to contribute to criminal justice strategy through research, policy analysis and evaluation. Its educational goals include training graduate and undergraduate students in strategic planning and policy analysis. The foundation of the Center is the practice of action research in which relevant data and analyses are brought to bear on the day to day decision-making processes of organizations. The Center serves the practice of policy development and implementation in real-time. This contrasts sharply with the traditional academic practice of producing long-term studies. The Center has become involved with assisting the development of strategic planning for local and federal agencies, evaluation of the emergent curfew program in the City of Rochester, and the examination of city workers' potential contributions to public safety. Faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students are currently working on projects through the Center for Public Safety Initiatives. Those projects include an analysis of auto-theft in Rochester, designing interventions for chronic violent offenders, and, evaluation of a mentoring program serving convicted offenders, studying deterrence based interventions to reduce crime and investigating the costs of violence to the Rochester Community. The Center for Public Safety Initiatives actively seeks projects where it can bring to bear its unique partnerships, research skills and educational commitments. "

Center for Public Safety Initiatives
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