Fiscal Year 1999 State Domestic Preparedness Equipment Program Application Kit   [open pdf - 111KB]

The Office of the Assistant Attorney General, Office of Justice Programs (OJP), in coordination with the National Domestic Preparedness Office, is providing funds to States for the purchase of specialized equipment for fire, emergency medical, hazardous materials response services, and law enforcement agencies. These funds will be used to enhance the capabilities of State and local units of government to respond to acts of terrorism involving chemical and biological agents, as well as radiological, nuclear, and explosive devices. The threat of terrorist incidents in our Nation presents enormous challenges to the Federal Government and, more significantly, to State and local governments. To address these challenges, the Federal Government is committed to assisting State and local governments better prepare for and respond to terrorist incidents, should they occur. The role of the States in strategic planning--namely, the coordination of resources and responses--and in assessing overall State and local capabilities is a critical component of OJP's State and local domestic preparedness initiative. Indeed, the critical role of local government agencies as the Nation's primary first response groups must be reflected in any domestic preparedness plan the States develop. In recognition of the role local jurisdictions play in any weapons of mass destruction (WMD) response, it is expected that local police, fire, hazardous material, and emergency medical units will receive the majority of funds under this program.

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