Safe Rooms for Temporary School Facilities Under RP9523.3, Provision of Temporary Relocation Facilities   [open pdf - 553KB]

"This memorandum provides information on the eligibility of safe rooms as part of temporary relocation facilities for schools. FEMA is authorized under Section 403(a)(3)(D) of the Stafford Act, and as outlined in Recovery Policy 9523.3, 'Provision of Temporary Relocation Facilities,' to provide temporary relocation facilities for schools and other essential community services after a major disaster. Recent tornado incidents have had severe impacts on a number of communities across the country, including damage and destruction to the communities' school facilities. At the request of applicants, FEMA may provide temporary school facilities while permanent repairs or replacement is completed. Some of the temporary facilities may be comprised of modular units, and may not provide sufficient safe space for students and staff in the event of subsequent tornados. Tornadoes typically occur with limited to no warning, resulting in limited response time. As a result, adequate safe space needs to be located in or in close proximity to the school facilities."

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