Management of Explosives at Selected Department Sites   [open pdf - 638KB]

"In support of its research and development mission and security of its facilities, the Department of Energy [DOE] maintains a significant inventory of explosives. In terms of mission, the Department conducts research into explosives detection, effects and mitigation. These processes are inherently hazardous. To help reduce the risk of harm, the Department developed the 'DOE Explosives Safety Manual' to provide direction for protecting its personnel from injury during explosives operations. While the Department had developed and implemented a number of explosives related safety measures, those measures have not always been completely effective. For example, we reported in our Audit Report on 'The Department's Management of Non-Nuclear High Explosives' (DOE/IG-0730, June 2006), that improvements could be made in maintaining control, accountability and safety of explosives. The Department concurred with our recommendations for improvement and indicated that corrective actions to resolve the identified safety issues had been implemented. Given the dangerous nature of explosives, the potential for catastrophic incidents and our prior concerns, we initiated this inspection to determine whether explosives were being safely handled and stored at selected Department sites."

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Department of Energy, Office of Inspector General, Report No. INS-O-12-02
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