Prior Service Recruiting Pool for National Guard and Reserve Selected Reserve (SelRes) Officers   [open pdf - 495KB]

"In the active-duty military, diversity starts at recruitment. This is also holds true for the National Guard and Reserve. As a part of a series of issue papers that examine demographic representation in the National Guard and Reserve, this issue paper examines racial/ethnic and gender composition of the prior service officer recruitment pool and of prior service officer accessions for the Selected Reserve (SelRes) across National Guard and Reserve Components. Our research shows that the majority of SelRes accessions had prior service experience and affiliated with the SelRes in pay grades O-3 and O-4. This suggests that the main SelRes recruiting pool came from the military itself rather than from the public at large. The results also show that the recruiting pool for the National Guard and Reserve was less demographically diverse than that of the Active Component (AC). Among those in the prior service pool, women and minorities, with the exception of blacks, were as likely or more likely than men and whites, respectively, to join the SelRes. This indicates that the net effect, including institutional and other factors that determine whether departing active-duty members join the SelRes, was positive for women and most minority groups."

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Military Leadership Diversity Commission Issue Paper No. 57
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Department of Defense Office of Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity: http://diversity.defense.gov/
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