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"In this issue paper, we examine reserve manpower, considering both the organization and size of the seven National Guard and Reserve Components. In terms of organization, manpower for these seven components is divided into three main categories: the Ready Reserve, which includes the Selected Reserve, the most important source of augments for active forces; the Standby Reserve; and the Retired Reserve. Each of these categories is further divided into several additional subcategories. In terms of size, reserve manpower constitutes an important portion of military end strength. When we present the Selected Reserve as a percentage of Selective Reserve and active-duty manpower, reservists account for 37.2 percent; when all categories of the reserve force are considered (that is, Ready Reserve, Standby Reserve, and Retired Reserve) in comparison to the active force, that percentage jumps to 47.4 percent of the total."

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Military Leadership Diversity Commission Issue Paper No. 53
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