Department of Defense Directive 1020.02: A Foundation for Effective, Accountable Diversity Management?   [open pdf - 525KB]

"The MLDC [Military Leadership Diversity Commission] was tasked with assessing the abilities of DoD and the Services to ensure 'effective and accountable' diversity management. On February 5, 2009, DoD issued DoD Directive (DoDD) 1020.02, its primary policy statement about diversity and diversity management. This issue paper describes DoDD 1020.02 and considers the extent to which it establishes a foundation for effective and accountable diversity management. Based on an analysis of the diversity- and diversity management-related sections of the directive, we conclude that it is a good first step because it effectively distinguishes diversity and diversity management from military equal opportunity (MEO) and civilian equal employment opportunity (EEO) by tying the definitions of diversity and diversity management and the diversity management program goals to improved readiness and capability, not to fairness and the prevention of illegal discrimination. We also note, however, that the directive's internal tensions may undermine the establishment of diversity management as a separate effort. In particular, the purpose statement of the directive ties diversity management to the prevention of unlawful discrimination, but the overarching policy statement ties MEO and EEO to capability enhancement. The directive also provides only a little information on implementation specifics. This is where the MLDC may make its most valuable contribution by providing informed recommendations for how to put diversity management into practice. An important area on which to focus is measuring outcomes because the ability to tie diversity management to the stated goal of enhanced mission readiness may be the ultimate determinant of the success and credibility of the DoD diversity management program."

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Military Leadership Diversity Commission Issue Paper No. 50
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Department of Defense Office of Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity: http://diversity.defense.gov/
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