Demographic Diversity Management Policies, Practices, and Metrics Used in Private Sector Organizations: Individual Leader Initiatives and Internal Company Initiatives   [open pdf - 579KB]

"This is the second of two issue papers (IPs) that describe the programs, policies, and practices used by private-sector organizations to manage diversity and the metrics used to gauge their effectiveness. This IP adopts an internal focus, examining corporate efforts falling within organizations, such as various initiatives adopted by individual leaders and companies. To manage diversity, managers and executives may act as diversity champions and develop strategies for selecting and retaining diverse groups. Also described are practices undertaken by organizations, such as holding leaders accountable for diversity, developing a diversity-friendly corporate culture, providing diversity training, developing the talents of all employees, promoting employee involvement, and working to retain demographically diverse talent. A variety of metrics are used to assess the effectiveness of these initiatives. These include objective measures (e.g., retention rates of minorities) and subjective measures related in rating scales (e.g., those that measure organizational commitment). Survey findings reveal that 47--59 percent of the American workforce believes these practices to be very important or extremely important."

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Military Leadership Diversity Commission Issue Paper No. 49
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Department of Defense Office of Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity: http://diversity.defense.gov/
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